Decorative Clear Serving Tray

Decorative Clear Serving Tray

This Decorative Clear Serving Tray is the ideal thing for drinks / tea or just to uplift the decor of your room.

It is made of 100% transparent 4.5 mm crystal acrylic. It measures 20 cm wide, 12 cm deep and 2 cm high. The size is big enough for 2 juice glasses and 2 coffee mugs with a small plate.

It can be used in your bathroom, bedroom kitchen, office, bar or on your table. You can use it to put your jewelry, toiletries or make up stuff. It can be used for hobbies which use small items like puzzle pieces, sewing, arts and crafts and many more. You would like the storage with open access. You will like that you can use it for severing beverages to guest and at the same time you can use it to put some embellishing piece inside it. The design is elegant, sleek and timeless.

The best think I like about it is its practicality along with ornamental usage.

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