Hand Carved Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Hand Carved Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

I found this beautiful Hand Carved Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp the other day.

It is made up by carving authentic stone into the shape. It give a warm pleasing, amber light. It gives an overall relaxing mood to the whole room. It has a premium rubber base which is long lasting. It absorbs the moisture in the room. The bulb holder is E12. The recommended bulb is of 15 watts. It weights 6.48 pounds. The power input is 120 v / 60 hz. It has a dimmable control for brightness. It comes with 2 extra original bulbs.

You can give it as a gift on Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Father's day or just on any day to your friends and loved ones. It is good for any location. Your family will like the warm light as well as the fact that it can be placed anywhere in the house.

The quality construction, looks and the pleasant light make it the perfect gift for any occasion and any home.

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