Antique White Ceramic Electric Fragrance Warmer

Antique White Ceramic Electric Fragrance Warmer

I recently came across this beautiful Antique White Ceramic Electric Fragrance Warmer for my living room.

It is made of clay / porcelain. Measures 2.8" x 2.5" x 5" inches. You can use 15- 25 watt bulb with it. One bulb is included in the package. Voltage is 120v. The plug is a 3 prong. The base can be rotated to fit any horizontal or vertical outlet. You can use any scented wax or oil in it. Wax / melts are sold seperately. Normally it takes around 1/2 hours for the wax to melt. The duration of the fragrance depends on the type of wax used and size of the room. People have reported that strong fragrance can last from 90 minutes to a whole 8 hours. Again it depends upon the product you put in it and the area. After that it starts to subside.

This is perfect for housewives, decorators and moms who want to have a sweet fragrance in the home and make a relaxing ambience in the room with a decorative touch. You do not have to worry about candles falling and making a mess. There is also no danger of fire from candles falling inside the house. The candle smoke is also eliminated.

This makes any room aromatic in a safe and clean manner. Price is great for the result. It is good replacement of candles. People who have breathing issues or asthma would find it conducive to their health.

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