Educational Wall Clock for Kids

Educational Wall Clock for Kids

An educational wall clock for kids and toddlers is a perfect thing for children to learn to read time.

It is analog in type. It's frame is silver in color. The body is made of plastic. The face is made of acrylic. The colors are lead free paint. It used 1 AA battery. The time is broken down into 4 quadrants for children to easily learn. All the digits are in different colors. Each minute and hour is mentioned on the dial. The hands are labelled; hours and minutes.

The main target audience is toddlers who are learning to read the time. The colorful dial makes it interesting for the children. The children can easily read the exact minutes and can make an association easily. Each and everything is labelled in various colors to avoid any confusion and aid in understanding.

The best thing I like about this clock is the easily learning for children while at the same time being able to look good in any room.

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