Lightweight Navy Blue Plush Flannel Throw

Lightweight Navy Blue Plush Flannel Throw

I came across this microfibre, lightweight, navy blue, plush, flannel throw from Bedsure the other day.

It is made of 100% microfiber polyester. The fabric is over 250 gsm. The colors are fade resistant. The touch is super soft. , durable, and lightweight. It does not wrinkle. The size in throw version is 50 inch x 60 inch. It is available in four sizes; twin, queen, king and throw. It weighs 1.19 pounds. It is available in various colors; Ivory, Navy, Red, Brown, Camel, Sage Green, Light Blue, Purple, Olive Green, Dark Grey, Washed Blue and Peacock Blue.
You can easily wash it in washing machine. It does not shrink. It is made in China. The manufacturer Bedsure Desings gives a 5 year limited warranty for it.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to increase the decor of the room without any major addition. You can arrange it nicely on a sofa or a chair. It will give that decorative touch to the room. You can also use it during your travels as a blanket. It can be used in all seasons and will not make you sweaty. It is quite thin and can be used as a bed sheet. It is safe for pets to play in. I does not shed.

The best thing about this throw is its good quality with feather weight which makes it an essential item for home decor as well as vacations.

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