How To Easily Make Home Decor From Branches And Balls Of Thread

How To Easily Make Home Decor From Branches And Balls Of ThreadYou will learn how to easily make home decor from branches and balls of thread using commonly available materials. The method is very easy and will give you a nice warm magical decor to your room.

Supplies Needed

PVA Glue

Yarn Thread


Spray Paint

Willow Branches


Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Step by Step Instructions

First pour PVA glue into a bowl.

Cut the thread and put in the bowl and mix well.

Take the thread from the bowl and start wrapping around a balloon in a design shape, leaving spaces in between.

Put the balloon aside to dry for at least 24 hours.

Puncture & cut the balloon in different places and take out the balloon rubber from the gaps.

Using your fingers / small instruments pull back the thread to form a perfect ball.

Spray the ball with golden paint.

Take some willow branches and take off the leaves and small off shoots.

Wrap the branches around a wooden pole and tape it.

Put aside for 3 days for the branches to get a curved shape.

Take the branches off the pole and spray golden paint.

Take some thick y shaped branches and scrap them clean.

Paint them black with acrylic paint.

Put aside to dry for few hours.

Put acrylic lacquer on the branches with a brush.

Put the thick and thin branches upright in a bowl or decoration stand.

Hang the thread balls in the branches.

The project is very easy to complete. The total work takes maximum 1 hour. The total time required is 3 days mainly for the branches to take the curved shape. At the end the finished decoration will stand nicely in a corner accentuating your home decor. Do give it a try.

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