How To Make A Simple Decorative Ball From Jute

How To Make A Simple Decorative Ball From JuteLearn how to make a simple decorative ball from jute. You will learn an easy way to make a large decorative piece for your living room.

Supplies Needed

Natural Jute Twine

LED String

Beach Ball


Artificial Flowers

Step by Step Instructions

Inflate the beach ball.

Apply glue to the entire ball.

Take one end of the jute twine and start wrapping it around the beach ball starting from the top of the ball.

Apply glue as you wrap the jute around the ball.

First wrap jute in one direction making it parallel lines crisscrossing the previous lines.

Change direction and make parallel lines in perpendicular direction.

You can change pattern as you like.

Leave a small hole in between the jute lines at any place on around the ball.

Apply glue once more to the whole ball.

Leave it for a week to dry completely.

Deflate the ball or put a hole in the ball if you want.

Take out the ball from the hole you left between the jute lines.

Remove glue from between the jute lines if you want.

Put the LED lights inside the ball.

Put flowers on top of the ball.

The project is simple to do. It will take 15- 20 minutes to do the activity. The drying time for the glue is 1 week. In the end you get a big glowing decorative ball for your living room. Try it and share how it goes.

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