How To Make Amazing Flower Mirror

How To Make Amazing Flower MirrorIn this post, I will tell you how to make amazing flower mirror in an easy way. It is a very good glass decor for your living room. You can use for decoration as well as looking yourself and checking how you look as you go out.

Supplies Needed

Square Mirror 10 inches (Qty 6)

Square Mirror 3 inches (Qty 10)

Black Foam Board - 30 inches x 21 inches



Gold Spray Paint

White Spray Paint

Glue Gun

Hanging Hook / Adhesive Strips

Step by Step Instructions

Paint the flowers with white color.

Paint the leaves with gold color.

Leave aside to dry for 15 minutes.

Glue the 10 inch glass pieces on the foam board making a line on both sides and leaving a space in between.

Glue the 3 inch glass pieces in middle of foam board making a straight line so that the edges are on top on 10 inch glass.

Put glitter on the flowers.

Cut the stalks of the flowers.

Glue the flowers on the borders of the mirrors.

Glue the leaves on alternate flowers.

Hang the mirror using a hook or adhesive strips.

The project difficulty is easy. It will take you around 45 minutes to complete the project (including drying time for paint & glue). In the end you get a multiple purpose wall mirror which can be used for decorating your living room and can also be used to prep your makeup as you go out. Go give it a try.

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