How To Make Easy Flower Pot People

How To Make Easy Flower Pot PeopleIn this post I will tell you how to make easy flower pot people. This is a fun way of showing your plants while avoiding the dull and dirty clay containers. Children will love it and you can get them involved in watering the plants and looking after them. It also uplifts your room mood and gives a positive vibe.

Supplies Needed

Plastic Pots - 2

Glue Gun

Paper cups - 14

Acrylic Colors


Thread Reel

Paint Brush

Decorative cloth

Step by Step Instructions

Paint the plastic pots with acrylic color using a paint brush. You can use any bright color you like.

Paint the paper cups with acrylic color using a paint brush. You should use a slightly different shade which you used for plastic pots.

Leave aside to dry for 15 minutes.

Cut out some interesting shapes from the decorative cloth.

Glue the shapes to the sides of the second plastic pot using glue gun.

Paint any color you like on the shapes.

Make a hole at the bottom of paper cups.

Join 3 cups together using thread.

Join 2 cups together using thread.

Put thread reel between the sets of 3 cups and 2 cups using the same thread.

Put thread reel on top of the 2 cups set using the same thread.

Glue the cups and thread reel so that they do not move out of place.

Paint the thread reels with the same color as paper cups.

Repeat and make one more set.

Make another set of 4 cups with 2 cups close to each other and with some thread between the 2 sets.

Using a black marker, make eyes nose and lips on first plastic pot.

Glue the set of 4 cups to the narrow side of second plastic pot so that each set of cups fall on one side.

Glue the set of 2 cups and 3 cups on wide side of second plastic pot so that the thread reels fall under the second plastic pot.

Glue together the first and second plastic pot together on the narrow side (base).

It is ready to put on the shelf.

This project is fairly easy. Apart from the time required for drying which will take approximately 30 minutes in total, you can finish the project in 20 minutes. In the end you get a nice fun looking flower pot figure. Do give it a try.

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