How To Make Pretty Corner Art Shelf

How To Make Pretty Corner Art ShelfIn this post I will show you how to make pretty corner art shelf using easily available items. It is an easy project and you save money by making it yourself at home. You will learn the simple steps to make an amazing furniture item.

Supplies Needed

Square Wooden Plaque (Qty 8)

E6000 Adhesive

Spray Paint


Nail Polish Bottle / Any Weight

Step by Step Instructions

Put adhesive on one side of the 1st plaque.

Place the 1st plaque vertically on top of the 2nd plaque such that the wall mounting is at the back.

The plaques should be perfectly aligned at the edges.

Place some nail polish bottles or any other item on the back to press the both plaques together.

Leave to set for about 20 minutes.

Clip the plaques together and leave to dry perfectly for one day.

Make 4 such sets.

Start joining the sets together in such a way that, when you join 2 sets, twist / turn one set to one side so the back (wall mounting) is facing to different side.

In this way, you make a corner shelf.

Join all the sets with adhesive and clip them together.

Leave to dry for one day.

Paint the corner shelf with any color of paint you like.

Leave to dry for one day.

Hang it on a corner using the wall mounting.

The project is fairly easy. The time taken is total 30 minutes. You would need to set aside some time for adhesive and paint to dry. You will end up with a cool corner shelf for your living room. Do give it a try.

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